Senior Capstone (in progress)

Designing, producing, and launching a line of four sunglasses as a new category for KGEK Design - The accessory brand my brother and I founded and run together.

The frames are lasercut from a sheet of stainless steel then constructed through a series of specific bends. Finishes, silicone pads, and lenses are then applied.

Four Frame Models Launching SS-18

B-01  /  S-01  /  L-01  /  R-01

2 Colorways across all frames

Frame R-O1

R-O1 is designed to be the most transitional model in the collection. The mid-sized frame has an iconic dual bridge paired with a soft, round lens.

Frame L-O1

L-O1 has a distinctive layered aesthetic, achieved by bending one flat piece of steel in half, creating a front and back panel. The layering creates an elegant, architectural silhouette.

Frame B-O1

B-O1 Is the largest frame in the collection giving it the most drastic play on proportions. The prominent top bar is an element pulled from the House 48 jewelry collection and is meant to contrast the round lenses.

Frame S-O1

S-O1 is the “square” frame of the collection. Designed to be a mid-sized, approachable model, it has the same iconic dual bridge as R-O1. 

Frame R-01  -  Part Layout

 Frame B-01  -  Core Colorway Exploration

Colorway / Lens Exploration

Releasing July 2018 across our retailers and online

Frames are in the final stages of development. Final steps include metal finishing, and final lens samples.